Internal Move Procedure

DIS Kollegiums - Internal Move

DIS has created the following procedure to make it clear what permanent residents should do when wanting to move internally at the kollegium – or between DIS kollegiums. Permanent residents must themselves be proactive about starting this process, should they want to move internally.

Procedure for Internal Move

Send an email to with a short description of your request – answering the following question:

  • What are your reasons for wanting to move?

You will then need to meet with a Community Advisor (CA) during weekly walk-in hours. The meeting is for you to talk about your time at the kollegium, how you’ve contributed to the overall purpose of the kollegium, and what you will bring to the new apartment/flat/kollegium. Moreover, if relevant you will also discuss any current issues or conflicts within your current apartment, which have influenced your desire to request an internal move.

DIS will keep this information as part of the waitlist, to be used in the matching process later.

When an Available Room/Apartment Becomes Available

DIS always aims to find the best candidate for the vacant room. To do this, DIS considers age, gender, personality, academics, as well as the dynamics and history within the unit. Our primary focus is to find the best match possible for the existing apartment and kollegium as a whole. To do this, we consider:

  • The internal waiting list of permanent residents.
  • The waiting list of new applicants.

DIS finds a candidate for the vacant room and sends the room offer by email.

When you Accept an Offer and Move Internally

You will gain access to your new room on the takeover date for the specific room. When you receive the new contract from Tellefsen, read it thoroughly to make sure all conditions are as expected. Please be aware that: 1. You will be paying a new deposit for the new unit. 2. Your contract end-date remains the same as your first contract.

You must terminate your current contract here. The same termination rules apply as with any other contract termination process:

  • The termination notice is three months from the end of a month. This means that if you for example terminate your lease February 20, your contract will end on May 31.
  • A shorter termination notice than three months cannot be guaranteed but DIS will always try to assist residents in moving out faster, whenever possible. Renters should, however, always expect to be financially responsible for the rent during the entire termination period.
  • You will move out two weeks before the contract ends to allow for cleaning/painting/repair by DIS. You will pay double rent for at least these two weeks, and are responsible to pay for any repairs that needs to be done in the current room. This amount will be subtracted the deposit.
  • DIS (our external collaborator Tellefsen) will make a new contract and DIS will pay 1,000,- kr. to cover this administrative task.