Langebro Kollegium

A DIS Kollegium Full of Atmosphere and History in Christianshavn

Langebro Kollegium is one of our smaller Kollegiums, located in beautiful Christianshavn. The small community lends itself to offering many opportunities to get to know your fellow residents and be part of an intimate Kollegium community.


Located close to the harbor by Langebro Bridge in Copenhagen, you will be living in a beautiful and quiet area, near the green areas of the old city embankments called ‘Stadsgraven.’

Christianshavn is a charming neighborhood, offering beautiful and historic channels, colorful houses, and charming small winding streets. The neighborhood has many hidden gems to enjoy a cup of coffee and a book in the sun along the water.

In Christianshavn you will have everything you need – from trendy restaurants and shops to some of the most beautiful green spaces the city has to offer. Go on an adventure experiencing the neighborhood’s many cultural sites – including Vor Frelser Kirke, Christiana, museums, and art galleries.

Public Transportation

If you want to explore Copenhagen’s other neighborhoods, Christianshavn Metro Station is only five minutes away from the Kollegium and can take you to the city center or out to the neighborhood of Amager.

The Building

The Kollegium is in a building built in 1912 for the sugar refinery company ‘Phoenix’. A phoenix bird emblem still appears on one of the neighboring buildings by Langebro. The building originally housed small offices and apartments for refinery workers. The building was completely renovated and turned into a Kollegium by DIS in 2016.

Resident Population

Langebro Kollegium is a smaller DIS Kollegium, with room for 41 students.

Rental Property

Langebro Kollegium has 28 rooms divided throughout 4 floors. Each floor has 9-12 residents.

Rooms are part of an apartment, where you share kitchen, bath, and toilet facilities with the other residents on the floor. Rooms are unfurnished, while the common living room and kitchen are fully equipped.

Property Size

Gross m2 Net m2
Room 11-30 m2 9-22 m2

Difference between gross- and net measurements:

Net size is the actual size of the residence. Gross size includes this as well as all common areas: i.e. hallways, common rooms, laundry facilities, etc., that the renter has access to in the building. Gross-measurements are also used to calculate the rent level and possible government benefits. 

Rent level

Room 1.918 – 5.647 DKK / month

Rent includes:

  • Electricity, water, heating
  • Wi-Fi
  • Some rooms have individual balconies
  • Furnished common living room with TV and Chromecast
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Private storage unit in basement
  • Weekly professional cleaning of bathroom, toilets, and kitchen, as well as cleaning supplies
  • Social activities
  • The Kollegium also has a Community Advisor, responsible for supporting social initiatives at the Kollegium

Be aware:

  • You may not live more than one person per room
  • It is not possible to apply for government benefits to cover rent, as Danish legislation requires access to private kitchen/bath facilities.


In all rooms there are:

  • Ceiling lamp
  • Curtains

On each floor there are:

  • Two toilets
  • Three showers
  • One kitchen

At the Kollegium there are:

  • A common living room per floor
  • Bike parking
  • Private storage unit
  • Washer & dryer in the basement
  • A common room in the basement

Be aware:

  • Pets are not allowed
  • Smoking is not permitted indoors nor on balconies
  • Rooms do not have TV cable connection


Opportunities to move into Langebro Kollegium are dependent on terminations from current residents. When a room becomes available, new renters are found based on the wider resident population of the specific floor, in order to ensure diversity among residents.