Kollegium Contracts and Rent

DIS Kollegiums Contract and Rent

Contract Between DIS Kollegiums and You as a Renter

When offered a room, a rental agreement will be made between you and DIS. The Rental Agreement establishes some of the rights and responsibilities that you as a renter have, as well as the rental property’s size, rent level, and the requirements for the condition of the property upon moving in – and out.

All rental agreements are for a time limit of up to three years.

DIS checks your study activity twice a year: once in February and once in October. This is to ensure that all residents are currently students.

If you are applying before you are accepted into your studies, the contract between you and DIS is dependent on your acceptance to the educational institution you have applied to and thereafter your active student status.


The deposit for a Kollegium room is two months rent, which is paid before moving in.

Rent Level

Rent levels are based on the gross price per square meter per building. A gross-measurement is calculated by including all common facilities: hallways, common rooms, laundry rooms etc. that the renter has access to in the property.

Resources (electricity, internet, water, etc.) that are included in the rent vary between each Kollegiums. See the specific rent levels and what is included  on the Kollegium specific webpages.