Nimbus Kollegium

A DIS Kollegium in Modern Surroundings

Nimbus is a modern Kollegium in the Frederiksberg neighborhood. Here you will share an apartment with other young students while having your own private bedroom. Each apartment’s common living room is the center of daily socializing, as most residents enjoy having weekly family dinners with one another.

At Nimbus there is also a café onsite, which offers the perfect setting for enjoying a cup of coffee while studying or meeting with friends from the Kollegium or your studies.


Nimbus Kollegium is centrally located in Frederiksberg on Finsensvej and close to Nordre Fasansvej. If you’re in need of a break from your studies, you can take a walk in the beautiful Frederiksberg Gardens, one of Copenhagen’s largest green oases.

Public Transportation

Not far from the Kollegium, you will find two Metro stations (Fasansvej and Frederiksberg) offering Metro lines M1, M2, and M3 Cityring which can connect you to Copenhagen’s many other attractive neighborhoods.

The Building

Nimbus Kollegium is built on the former industrial area where the legendary Nimbus Motorcycles were produced until 1959. Nimbus Kollegium was built in 2018.

Resident Population

Nimbus Kollegium is a large DIS Kollegium, with room for 238 students.

Rental Property

Nimbus Kollegium has in total 41 apartments, distributed across 4 buildings. In each apartment there are 5-8 residents.

A room is part of an apartment, where you share kitchen, shower, and toilet facilities with the other residents of the apartment. Your room is unfurnished, while the common living room and kitchen are furnished and fully equipped.

Property size

Gross m² Net m²
Room 27-40 m² 15-25 m²

Difference between gross- and net measurements:

Net size is the actual size of the residence. Gross size includes this as well as all common areas: i.e. hallways, common rooms, laundry facilities, etc., that the renter has access to in the building. Gross-measurements are also used to calculate the rent level and possible government benefits.

Rent Level

Room 3.611 – 5.648 DKK / month

Rent Includes:

  • Electricity, water, heating
  • Wi-Fi
  • Some rooms have private balconies
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Private storage unit in basement
  • Cleaning supplies in each apartment
  • Social activities
  • The Kollegium also has a Community Advisor, responsible for supporting social initiatives at the Kollegium

Be aware:

  • You’re only allowed to live one person per room, unless otherwise agreed upon with DIS.
  • It is not possible to apply for government benefits to cover rent, as Danish legislation requires access to private kitchen/bath facilities.


In all rooms, there are:

  • Ceiling lamp
  • Curtains

In each apartment, there are:

  • Two toilets
  • Two showers
  • Kitchen

In the Kollegium, there are,

  • Common room
  • Bike parking
  • Private storage unit in the basement
  • Washers and dryers in the basement

Be aware that:

  • Pets are not allowed
  • Smoking is not permitted indoors nor on balconies
  • Rooms do not have TV cable connection


Opportunities to move into Nimbus Kollegium are dependent on terminations from current residents. When a room becomes available, new renters are found based on the wider resident population of the specific floor, in order to ensure diversity among residents.