Our Kollegiums

DIS Kollegiums offer high-quality housing in fantastic locations

DIS has five Kollegiums in central Copenhagen, each offering rich opportunities to experience everything the city has to offer – including lush green areas just outside your door.

Five Kollegiums Each With Their Own Identity

Each Kollegium has its own social atmosphere, to which you can contribute your own personal vibe.

DIS Kollegiums Have Much to Offer

Our Kollegiums are an ideal place for students to live, each offering rich opportunities for building a community and sharing diverse perspectives with fellow residents. You will have an opportunity to meet new people and broaden your network.

DIS Kollegiums offer:

  • Historical buildings with atmosphere
  • Great locations in central Copenhagen
  • Newly renovated rooms, with high quality materials
  • Engaged residents, who truly want to build community with one another
  • Varied opportunities for ways to socialize with fellow residents

DIS Aims to Create Spaces Where Young Students of Different Nationalities Can Meet and Live Together

DIS Kollegiums offer a place where there is room to exchange opinions, perspectives, ideas, and experiences among students of diverse backgrounds. You will have opportunities to meet new people and create life-long networks. Our Kollegiums aim to create a social atmosphere, where residents are truly engaged in creating a meaningful space to call home.