Moving Out of Your Kollegium Room

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What Do You Need to Be Aware of When Moving out of Your Kollegium Room?

You must vacate your Kollegium room a minimum of two weeks prior to the end of your rental contract in order for DIS to make necessary repairs before the next resident moves in. The current resident must pay rent for this period.

If for example, your contract ends on May 31st, you must vacate the Kollegium room no later than May 15th. If you’ve requested a shorter termination date than the normal three months, you must also vacate the room at the latest by 14 days prior to this date.

Residents must pay for any repairs that are deemed necessary (painting, repair of floors, etc.). The required amount will be deducted from your deposit, which was paid upon moving in. When leaving, a move-out check will be completed by DIS staff with the resident, during which time an agreement will be made about the condition of the room and what repairs are needed and should be paid for.

Moving Out After Graduation

After you’ve completed your studies, you must terminate and vacate your Kollegium room based on the same timeline and process noted above. DIS must be informed at the latest by the end of the current month of your last exam, using the Notice of Termination Form for Kollegium Rooms.

If you drop out of your studies/are no longer studying, and therefore must vacate your Kollegium room, the same process applies.