About DIS

About DIS

DIS is a non-profit educational institution, located on Vestergade in Copenhagen – close to Town Hall Square.

DIS specializes in study abroad in Scandinavia and offers Bachelor-level classes in both Copenhagen and Stockholm. Our students come from over 200 different, highly selective universities in North America. Each year DIS welcomes about 3000 students in Copenhagen alone.


DIS has its own teachers and classroom facilities located on and around Vestergade. Classes are offered in nearly all kinds of academic disciplines. All teaching is done in English, accompanied by visits to local businesses and government institutions, as well as study tours around Europe.

International Focus

DIS aims to improve student’s academic competencies, expand their intellectual horizons and prepare them for the international job market.

Therefore, it’s also important for us that students are given the opportunity to explore Europe, experience new challenges and grow as human beings. This is accomplished through, among other things, the varied experiences they have in the intercultural communities at DIS Kollegiums.

By living with people from different cultural backgrounds, our students are given insight into the everyday lives of local students, which adds enormous value to their lessons on Danish culture, traditions, and history. Furthermore, local students also gain new perspectives and insight into DIS students’ cultural backgrounds and can create personal networks that stretch across borders.

Our goals ensure that our students, among other things:

  • Develop leadership skills and competencies to live in a globalized world
  • Develop knowledge in a specific discipline that can be used in their future professions
  • Have opportunities to combine and see connections between theories and practice
  • Increase their intercultural and cross-disciplinary communication skills
  • Grow intellectually and as human beings