Apply for a Kollegium Room

Apply to a DIS Kollegium

Apply for a Room at DIS Kollegiums

We are pleased that you are interested in living in one of our DIS Kollegiums and want to become a part of our communities.

To Be Considered for a Kollegium Room, You Must:

  • Be actively studying in Denmark (or have applied for your upcoming studies) *
  • Have at least one year left of your education
  • Have a valid residence permit in Denmark

* If you have not applied for your upcoming studies yet, you can use this document as an attachment to your application: admittance to an educational institution

Application Process

The application process is based on a written application as well as an Interview Workshop. To apply for admission to one of our three Kollegiums, you must submit an official application and state which Kollegium you are interested in joining.

You can apply for all of the Kollegiums that you are interested in, as long as you will be happy with the room you get offered.

The Written Application

Before you begin, you should have the following items ready to upload: proof of your current educational activity (acceptance letter in PDF)or proof of your recent application to an educational institution (PDF), or a signed sworn statement and a portrait photo.

The written application is three short essays, which you can either write in Danish or English. They cover the following topics:

  • Concrete examples of how you hope to contribute to the community and social life of smaller units (apartments, floors, etc.) as well as the larger Kollegium community
  • Your international experiences
  • Your hobbies and interests
  • Your experiences living in a larger community

It is possible to save your application as you go. We check the applications on a rolling basis, and therefore encourage you to send the application as soon as it is ready.

When you have completed the application, you will receive an email notification that DIS has received your application.

Be aware that it is only possible to apply via the application form. DIS does not accept applications sent to us via email, etc.

The Personal Interview

We read all applications on a rolling basis and will invite qualified applicants to an Interiew Workshop.


Your application will be assessed based on the following criteria (not in prioritized order):

  • Your interest in contributing to the creation of community among residents
  • Your international experiences (such as study abroad, work, or longer travels)
  • Your former experiences living in larger communities (such as efterskole, højskole, or collectives)

Selection of candidates is based on the quality of your written application as well as your interview.

Notification of Applicants

All applicants will receive a response from DIS after interviews are held. Responses can be one of the following options:

  • The majority of applicants will be offered a spot on our waitlist. DIS does not have a numbered waitlist, but rather offers rooms to applicants that contribute to resident diversity at the Kollegium/in the apartment/on the floor. We aim to ensure our communities reflect a diversity of genders, educational subjects, nationalities, and regional origins. You will be able to be on the wait list for up to 6 months, after which DIS will ask you to re-apply, if you’re still interested. You should therefore only apply if you’re interested in a room during the next 0-6 months.
  • A room offer can be given at very short notice, as we often have current residents that want to move out earlier than their 3-month termination period. Furthermore, in the event that DIS opens a new Kollegium, a larger number of applicants will be offered a room in less than the normal wait-period.