Notice of Termination

According to the Danish Rental Act, the termination notice is three months from the end of a month – for both the landlord and tenant. This means that if you terminate your lease February 20th, your contract will end on May 31st.

You can move out any time you want during the three months notice, however the latest is 14 days before your contractual date – in the example May 31st is the contractual end-date. Based on the actual move-out date that you fill in, DIS will try to find a new tenant as soon as possible after. Renters should, however, always expect to be financially responsible for the rent during the entire termination period.

If you would like to terminate your rental agreement, please fill out the Notice of Termination Form below.


Notice of Termination Form

  • Example from Langebro Kollegium: 101
    Example from Mønten Kollegium: Ved Mønten 10, 1
    Example from Nimbus Kollegium: 42, 1. -1
  • The number can be found on page 1 in the upper-right corner of your lease.
    Example: 401-304-2
  • When would you like to move out of the room? Please remember that this date must be at least 14 days prior to the end of your contract. The date you give on the form is binding, whether or not DIS is able to find a new resident for the specified dates.
    According to the Danish rent act, you are required to give access to your room two hours every other day. But we don’t need that, even though we want to be able to offer a new potential resident a viewing of the room/apartment. The easiest for everybody is for you to inform your email and phone number to the potential resident and ask him/her to contact you in order to arrange a viewing between the two of you. Most often we’re only talking about one person, but it could potentially be 2-4, but only one at a time. Based on this DIS would like you to give us your consent to give your contact information to a potential new resident.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.