Mønten Kollegium

A DIS Kollegium in Historic Buildings

Mønten Kollegium is an ideal place to live with its historic buildings and many common areas. Just outside your door, you can enjoy the green areas and cozy courtyard of the Kollegium, which offers lots of opportunities for relaxing and having fun with fellow residents.

Kollegium Apartments Fit for Sharing

Many of the apartments at Mønten Kollegium are good for sharing – either as couples or good friends. You can apply to live together. Be aware that each resident must apply individually.


Mønten Kollegium is in Amager, close to the green areas of the old city embankments called ‘Stadsgraven.’ You will be close to the bustling life of shops and restaurants on Amagerbrogade to the east, Christianshavn’s charm to the north, and Islands Brygge’s harbor life to the west.

Public Transportation

Just around the corner, you will find the Islands Brygge and Amagerbro St. Metro stations – providing easy access to the rest of Copenhagen’s neighborhoods.

The Building

The Kollegium is in the historic ‘Royal Coin Mint’ from 1921. All Danish coins were produced in industrial buildings on site until 1978. After many remodeling and building phases, the site opened as a Kollegium in 2013.

Resident Population

Mønten Kollegium is a large DIS Kollegium with room for 250 students.

Rental Property

Mønten Kollegium has a total of 175 apartments, spread across four wings – which together create a cozy common courtyard. Apartments exit on to common hallways on the exterior of the building, creating great opportunities to meet fellow residents while living privately in your own apartment.

You have your own apartment with a private kitchenette, bathroom, and toilet. Apartments are unfurnished.

Property Size

Gross m2 Net m2
Apartment 35-52  m 27-44 m2

Difference between gross- and net measurements:

Net size is the actual size of the residence. Gross size includes this as well as all common areas: i.e. hallways, common rooms, laundry facilities, etc. that the renter has access to in the building. Gross-measurements are also used to calculate the rent level and possible government benefits.

Rent Level

Apartment 4.947 – 8.339 DKK / month
Excl. electricity, water, and heating

You may apply for government rent support. The amount is calculated on an individual basis. You can calculate your potential support at borger.dk

Rent Includes:

  • Wi-Fi
  •  Some apartments have private balconies
  •  Private kitchenette
  •  Private toilet and shower facilities
  •  Furnished common room with TV and Chromecast
  • Social Activities
  • The Kollegium also has a Community Advisor, responsible for supporting social initiatives at the Kollegium


In each apartment there are:

  • Ceiling lamp
  • Toilet and shower
  • Kitchenette

At the Kollegium there are:

  • Common room
  • Common roof terrace
  • Bike parking
  • Washers & dryers in the basement

Be aware that:

  • Pets are not allowed *
  • Smoking is not permitted indoors nor on balconies
  • Rooms do not have TV cable connection

*With the exception of specific apartments, reserved for DIS students that may need to bring Support Animals.


Opportunities to move into Mønten Kollegium are dependent on terminations from current residents. When an apartment becomes available, new renters are found based on the wider resident population, in order to ensure diversity among residents.