Guidelines for Subletting a Kollegium Room

DIS Kollegium - Holmbladsgade Community

If You Would Like to Sublet Your Kollegium Room, You Must First Apply for Permission to Do So From DIS

DIS is not required to accept a subletting application.

DIS requires that potential sublet renters live up to the same requirements as other Kollegium residents. This means that the sublet renter must be actively studying, interested in the DIS Kollegium concept, and show engagement in participating in the larger Kollegium community. You may not charge a higher rent than that which you pay yourself.

A resident can apply for permission to sublet their room if they live up to the following requirements:

  • The resident has lived in a DIS Kollegium for 6 months prior to applying to sublet their room
  • The resident must sublet their room to the same person for the entire period
  • The resident may not expect to be granted permission to sublet for longer periods than 3-6 months
  • The resident must apply for permission at the latest 2 months prior
  • The resident must not expect to be granted permission to sublet their room more than once

Subletting Process and Application Forms

Important Information Regarding Subletting

Subletting is a resident’s own responsibility and your contractual agreement with DIS remains intact the entire subletting period. This means that DIS does not make a new contract with your sublet renter, but that you remain personally responsible for paying rent to DIS (and your renter must pay rent to you).

As a resident, you are financially responsible for potential damages inflicted to your room/apartment or other DIS property that might happen during a sublet period.