Community and Engagement

Become a part of our community

Social engagement and community are essential parts of life at DIS Kollegiums. As a resident in one of our Kollegiums, we expect that you are excited and ready to contribute to these communities and help make them a fun place to live for everyone.

At DIS Kollegiums, you’ll be part of different types of communities with all the residents you share your daily life with. For this reason, it’s important for us that you:

  • Are interested in sharing your daily life with other students
  • Contribute actively to the building and maintenance of the Kollegium’s social life – both in small ways each day, and through larger social events
  • Participate in the arrival weekend welcoming activities for DIS students each semester

Particular for Mønten Kollegium

  • Kollegium residents partake in a cooking club. We hope that you’re interested in participating and willing to invite a small group of residents into your own home – and likewise visit other students, when invited to food club events

Particular for Langebro Kollegium, Stads Kollegium, Nimbus Kollegium and Oliebladsgade Kollegium

  • At these Kollegiums you’ll be part of a social community with the other residents in your apartment or floor
  • You must be ready to share bathroom/toilet and kitchen facilities with the other residents of the apartment, as well as partake in the collective responsibility of cleaning

DIS Kollegiums Are the Ideal Spaces for Community Events

There are lots of opportunities to meet fellow residents with common interests, or take the initiative and start new activities and clubs. Residents of DIS Kollegiums are all invested in creating a great social atmosphere at the Kollegium. This can be done in many ways, for example by:

  • Becoming a member of the Kollegium Board
  • Being responsible for an interest-based club (i.e. running, football, basketball, painting/crafts, music, drama, etc.)
  • Arrange day trips (i.e. to Kronborg, handball games, debate evenings, etc.)
  • Cross-Kollegium activities (i.e. football tournaments between DIS Kollegiums, ski trips, etc.)
  • Many many other things – what are YOU interested in?!

Kollegium Board

Each Kollegium has a Board that, in collaboration with a DIS Community Advisor, is responsible for the social life at the Kollegium. The Board is elected by Kollegium residents each year.