We Have Recieved Your Notice of Termination for Your Kollegium Room

DIS confirms that we have received your notice of termination for your room at one of the DIS Kollegiums. You will soon receive an official confirmation of this termination from Frede Tellefson Property Administration A/S.

We will like to remind you that your notice of termination is three months from the end of the current month, and your room must be vacated at the latest 14 days prior to the end of the contract.

DIS will try to accommodate wishes for a faster termination of your lease if you’ve indicated this on the form. We cannot guarantee that this will be possible, and the earliest possible termination is 6 weeks after DIS receives your termination notice. Please be aware that dates registered in your notice of termination are binding, as DIS will begin offering the property to potential new residents.

You will be contacted by DIS regarding the date for your move-out inspection.

We have also sent a confirmation to the email you registered with DIS.

All the best,

DIS Kollegiums