Housing Rules for Oliebladsgade Kollegium

1. General Guidelines

1: All doors, including the apartment’s main and back entrances and balcony doors should be locked when leaving the apartment.

2: In order to maintain a clean and well-maintained appearance of the property’s common areas, residents must clean up after themselves within a reasonable timeframe – both after daily use as well as after larger events.

3: Residents may not store weapons, fireworks, explosives or other objects that may cause personal harm.

4: Illegal substances are not allowed on the property. If a tenant is found to possess, consume or sell illegal substances on-site, immediate police action and expulsion from the property will ensue.

5: In case of missing items or damages incurred in the private room, common areas, stairwell or outdoor space, please contact DIS Facilities at fixit.disabroad.org. Residents are responsible for general maintenance of the apartment, including appliances. When a resident makes a fixit request, it is their responsibility to inform all other flat mates, so they are aware someone from facilities will be accessing the apartment. DIS is only responsible for repairing appliances listed in the rental contract.

6: DIS Facilities and external contractors can access the common areas in the apartment in connection with maintenance, repair and cleaning. They will always knock before entering the apartment. When accessing bedrooms, you will be notified. When you submit a fixit request related to your bedroom, you need to give access to your bedroom

7: In case of acute problems (cracked water pipes, no power in the whole building, etc.), contact the DIS Facility Emergency Phone at +45 3067 1044. If the problem is not urgent and you contact the DIS Facility Emergency Phone, you will be fined.

8: Replacement keys cost 500 DKK and are provided upon the submission of a Fixit request.

9: Residents and DIS students may only let their own guests into the building.

10: Residents and DIS students are responsible for the behavior of their guests, financially and otherwise.


2. The Apartment

1: Use of common spaces (such as kitchens, bathrooms, balconies etc.) should be agreed upon collectively by the residents. Such areas should always be clean, so as not to inconvenience the use of the space. All residents must participate in the upkeep and cleaning of the common areas. In case of issues, please reach out to diskollegium@dis.dk.

2:  If property is damaged, and a single person can be held accountable, they will be held financially liable for any repairs needed. If this is not the case, residents in the flat will be jointly held liable for the damage, unless a resident can document their own absence during the event in which the damage occurred.

3: Make sure to air-out your flat and your room on a regular basis.

4: Smoking (including e-cigarettes and water pipes) is not allowed indoors. Smoking must take place a min. of 5 m. from the entrance areas. It is forbidden to smoke on balconies.

5: All WiFi and network equipment for the common WiFi signal is administered and maintained by DIS. It is strictly forbidden to disconnect or otherwise manipulate the physical and/or technical setup of the installed equipment in the apartment, as this can create outages and interruptions in the common WiFi connection. Contact IT services at fixit.disabroad.org if you experience problems with the WiFi equipment or signal.

6: As internet is only offered via the common DIS WIFI signal, you must have an appropriate wireless electronic device to connect to it. If your device is unable to connect, DIS IT services is available for guidance on how to purchase a wireless network card at the resident’s own expense and responsibility.

7: It is forbidden to install any appliances in the apartment without the permission of the DIS.


3. Balconies and External Corridors

1: Balconies may not be used for storage. Furthermore, no barbecue equipment may be used on the balconies. DIS reserves the right to ask residents to remove items from the balcony, if they are deemed inappropriate.

2: Terraces and other external areas: The roof terrace is furnished with outdoor furniture and grills by DIS. Rules for the Kollegium’s common areas also apply to the roof terrace. This includes cleaning up (removing trash, bottles, etc.) after all use and respecting quiet hours.


4. Common Areas

1: Hallways and all stairwells (including the basement) act as fire passages, and must not be used for waste or storage of items that cannot be moved with one hand. There must be free passage in all areas at all times.

2: Keep the common rooms clean and tidy. It is not permitted to book or host private arrangements in the common room. Maximum capacity should always be respected. Kollegium events organized by clubs or residents can be held in the common room. Cleaning must be done immediately after an event or usage of the common rooms. If needed, you should also sweep and wash the floor. The common rooms are for the exclusive use of Oliebladsgade permanent residents, DIS student residents, and DIS staff (for arrival weekend and other extraordinary events). The Oliebladsgade Kollegium Quiet Hours also apply to the common rooms. The only exception to this is special events arranged by the Board once a month. The common rooms are out of operation due to weekly professional cleaning of floor and surfaces.


5. Laundry

1: Please contact the company Nordtec directly for assistance regarding the machines and their functionality. Nordtec owns the machines and is responsible for all maintenance and repairs. The contact information is in the laundry room.

2: The laundry room is for all residents. Each room receives one washing card. If you lose your card, please contact fixit.disabroad.org to order and pay for a replacement. A replacement card costs 250 DKK.

3: Residents follow the guidelines for use of the laundry room. Keep the room clean and tidy, and pick up your laundry within a reasonable time.

4: Please be advised that use of the machines in the laundry room is at your own risk. DIS is not liable for any damages to your belongings.


6. Bicycles

1: Bicycles belong in the holders in the basement, and the holders in front of the building. Bicycles are not allowed by the stairs, hallways, common areas, your apartment or room. Bicycles are not allowed to block the main entrance or ramps to yard or the parking facility.


8. Standards of Conduct

1: Noisy behavior should at any time of day be with closed doors and windows. The use of musical instruments, stereos, TVs and other devices that make noise must at no time bother other residents in and around the property. Quiet hours (periods where noise levels must be completely subdued) are during the following hours:

Sunday – Thursday: 22:00-8:00
Friday – Saturday: 23:00-8:00

Residents are encouraged to notify both fellow residents and/or neighbors about larger events.

2: The use of drills and other noisy tools may only take place between 8:00 and 17:00 on weekdays and between 11:00 and 17:00 on weekends.

3: Keep the outdoor areas clean. No signs or anything else may be put on the outside of the building.

4: In the event of complaints from residents or neighbors regarding violation of house rules or disputes between residents, DIS will contact all involved parties. All complaints should be directed to diskollegium@dis.dk All involved parties will be requested to engage in an active dialogue about the incident, either by email, zoom/telephone or meeting. Disciplinary warnings will be issued should the house rules be violated. Repeated violations of the same nature can lead to termination of the contract.

5: Garbage must be sorted and discarded correctly in the corresponding bins. The trash shoots in the stairwell may only be used for small items, in closed bags. Household waste, in a closed bag, goes in the general waste containers:

  • Cardboard goes in the container that says ‘Pap’
  • Biowaste (food, compost items) go in the container that says ‘Bioaffald’
  • Glass goes in the containers that say ‘Glas’
  • Used batteries go in the container that says ‘Batteries’
  • Paper goes in the container that says ‘Papir’
  • Plastic goes in the container that says ‘Plast’
  • Hazardous Waste goes in the container that says ‘Farligt Affald’
  • Metal goes in the container that says ‘Metal’
  • Residual waste (like pizza boxes) may not be put in the trash shoots in the building, but must be taken to the containers directly
  • Larger waste may not be discarded onsite, but must be taken to the closest recycling station


9. Pets

Animals are not allowed on the property.


10. Amendments

1: These house rules have been developed by DIS.

2: Complaints about the violation of any house rules can be sent to diskollegium@dis.dk, indicating the time, place and circumstances. DIS will, if possible, consult the parties and then decide what appropriate actions should take place.

3: Violation of these house rules may result in the termination of a rental agreement.

4: Employees from DIS Copenhagen have the right to incur consequences for violations of any house rules and their instructions must be followed.

5: DIS may alter the House Rules at any time, as needed.